House Rules and Clarifications

-With all of us having laptops and there being 6 players there is bound to be side conversations and surfing of the net. That’s fine and understandable but please do not talk over other players or the GM that are currently actively playing while you are waiting for your turn. I’ll just end up getting pissy and burned out of GMing.

-While I do appreciate Tim’s combat tracker and don’t have a problem using it to determine initiative, I would prefer that after order has been determined that we use that white dry erase board. That way everyone can see when they go and we don’t have to rely on one person having to tell everyone else when their turn is. Combat seemed to go quite a bit faster with the white board.

-Any option or feature listed within the character builder is allowed. I reserve executive jerk rights to alter any power or feat combo that is game breaking. There are only two that I know of (the cleric consecrate ground and a paladin power combo that forces 1 creature to have only 1 action a turn no save duration is the encounter)

-Magic Item use: Players are limited to only 1 daily magic item use, recharged with an extended rest. In addition to this players are limited to 1 encounter magic item use per encounter. Consumable powers have no limit. Potions (especially healing) that have a daily power that use a healing surge do not follow the daily limit. The losing a heal surge is balance enough.

-With 6 players (2 of them healers) and wound cards there will be less need to have monsters pass a prone unconscious body just to be nice. Now most humanoids are going to still pass an unconscious player as being left for dead. The goal here isn’t to kill players but to have fun. However if a ravenous ghoul or wild predator whose sole motivation is to eat then they might stop to take an extra chomp. Most of you guys have enemies in your backgrounds and if you fight that enemy or their minions that have sworn to kill you then they will probably take an extra stab. We have 3 characters (monk, druid, and spellblade) that can move in and out of combat to save unconscious characters so I don’t see any real problem. The goal is to get away from the “Oh the GM won’t kill off a player so we won’t worry about roleplaying that”. Having said that I won’t purposefully do an attack that will outright kill of an unconscious player, just some tasty maiming.

-Wound cards: A player may at any time they take damage decide to take ½ of the damage instead and draw a wound card. The wound card deck breakdown is as follows 25% Minor. Annoying affects that last a round or save ends 50% Moderate. Affects that last till healed, short rest, or extended rest 25% Major. Very bad affects that last till milestones or extended rests are taken. 1: Healed in this case means receiving an affect or power where a healing surge is spent for hit point damage. The player receiving the healing may choose to receive zero hit points of healing but can negate one wound card in effect.

-Skills: Several changes 1: Skill challenges will be reserved more for special encounters that are challenging. Static DCs of skill checks will be the norm and more similar to 3.5 edition. 2: You may only “aid other” to assist in a skill check if you are trained in that skill. Only 2 players may aid other. This follows a “too many cooks” theory. 3: When a failed skill check means one person screws it up for the entire party then the lowest skill bonus of the group rolls (this is primarily group wide endurance and stealth checks). Two others may aid other to give pointers on how not to screw up. 4: When a successful skill check means one person saves the entire party then the highest skill bonus of the group rolls (detect ambush, diplomacy). Again, two others may help to keep an eye out for the rest of the party to prevent them from screwing up.

As with Project Monee I will be slipping in clues here and there as to what’s going on in the campaign. Unlike that campaign, there won’t be campaign ending problems if I don’t do a good enough job in convey things. It will be extra fun side stuff for those that want to engage in it. If not and you just want to show up on Fridays and whack-a-chop things and tell penis jokes that perfectly fine and your character won’t be screwed. If there is ever a doubt or question in something I say or do or email seems out of place or odd please ask for clarification.

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