Foreign Affairs

Netheril in the wastelands to the northwest is what is left of an ancient empire of magic wielding humans. Long ago they took control of the Weave for a brief time. Disaster struck and control of the Weave was given back but not before their flying cities were destroyed. One city fled to the Shadowfell, land of negative energy and undeath. They returned warped and corrupted and are a quite evil nation.

Sembia to the east has been Cormyr’s arch rival for generations. They have feuded and warred several times but neither has won out. While Sembia is larger Cormyr has had the help from elves of Myth Drannor and the humans of the independent Daleland cities both to the north of Sembia to help out.

The Dales are to the north of both Cormyr and Sembia. They are each independent towns that work together for mutual benefit and protection. Drow roam all over the forest of Cormanthor. Left over fanatical Zhents that worship Bane also are in the forest. Then there is also the expansionistic policies of Sembia that has tried several times to expand into the forest. The Dales have as of yet resisted these attempts

Myth Drannor is the last remnants of a massive elven kingdom in Cormanthor Forest that goes back millennia. Prior to the spellplauge, Waves of drow emerged from the underdark and warred upon the elves. Myth Drannor stands strong and has allied in the past with Cormyr and more closely with the Dalelands. The Dale cities have a mutual interest in keeping Cormanthor Forest safe.

Having recently fought Sembia to a stalemate, Cormyr has grown expansionistic themselves and attack to the west and south. Proskur was the first major city to fall. Having been run by several thieves’ guilds this was not a challenge. The free cities of Elversult and Teziir were next to be conquered and expanded Cormyr’s trade and influence on the sea. Westgate remains independent having pledged (and proven in the past) to be a neutral trading port to both Sembia and Cormyr.

Further west of Proskur is the Kingdom of Elturgard, a small theocracy. The worship of Torm is the state religion and paladins that patrol the country are well respected. Elturgard keeps a close eye on Cormyr and is ok enough with their expansion as long as it remains focused mostly as defensive against Sembia.

Foreign Affairs

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