Overview Cormyr is your standard fantasy setting kingdom. The king is fair and just. The peasants are not serfs and enjoy a reasonable amount of freedom yet have to follow society’s social structure.

Geography The Forest Country, as Cormyr is sometimes called, lies cradled between the nations of Netheril on the north and Sembia to the east. To the west, beyond the Sunset Mountains, Cormyr is bordered by Elturgard. The southern border now stretches beyond the Drag¬onmere to the Giant’s Run Mountains. The largest city and royal capital of the kingdom is Suzail, named after Suzara Obarskyr, mother of the first king of Cormyr.

Agriculture is the underlying strength of the kingdom. Cormyr was once heavily forested, but generations of clearing and farming has reduced the woodlands to the King’s Forest, Hermit’s Wood, and Hullack Forest.

Cormyr has several rivers, both large and small. The most significant waterway is the Starwater, which runs from the Stormhorn Mountains through the King’s Forest and into the Dragonmere at Marsember (population 38,000) The Dragonmere (also called the Lake of Drag¬ons) offers Cormyr’s coastal cities access to the Sea of Fallen Stars. Fog is common along the seacoast and in major ports including Suzail, Marsember, and Teziir (population 23,000 and south side of ocean). The Wyvernwater is an inland lake shaped something like a malformed starfish. Four major rivers—two of which are the Immerflow and the Wyvernflow—empty into this lake. Small com¬munities are found on the lake’s shores, including Immersea (population 1,200), Yeoman Bridge (popu¬lation 400), and Sunset Hill (population 900).

The central mountain range of the region is the Stormhorns. These storm swept peaks cut off the main population centers of Cormyr from the wilderness lands beyond. Cormyr frontier includes the wetlands of the Farsea Swamp and High Moors, and the desolate Goblin Marches and Stonelands. Though Cormyr claims these territories, travel to and from the back country is difficult and perilous, which results in few Cormyrians living there.

Foreign Affairs Netheril in the wastelands to the northwest is what is left of an ancient empire of magic wielding humans. Long ago they took control of the Weave for a brief time. Disaster struck and control of the Weave was given back but not before their flying cities were destroyed. One city fled to the Shadowfell, land of negative energy and undeath. They returned warped and corrupted and are a quite evil nation.

Sembia to the east has been Cormyr’s arch rival for generations. They have feuded and warred several times but neither has won out. While Sembia is larger Cormyr has had the help from elves of Myth Drannor and the humans of the independent Daleland cities both to the north of Sembia to help out.

The Dales are to the north of both Cormyr and Sembia. They are each independent towns that work together for mutual benefit and protection. Drow roam all over the forest of Cormanthor. Left over fanatical Zhents that worship Bane also are in the forest. Then there is also the expansionistic policies of Sembia that has tried several times to expand into the forest. The Dales have as of yet resisted these attempts

Myth Drannor is the last remnants of a massive elven kingdom in Cormanthor Forest that goes back millennia. Prior to the spellplauge, Waves of drow emerged from the underdark and warred upon the elves. Myth Drannor stands strong and has allied in the past with Cormyr and more closely with the Dalelands. The Dale cities have a mutual interest in keeping Cormanthor Forest safe.

Having recently fought Sembia to a stalemate, Cormyr has grown expansionistic themselves and attack to the west and south. Proskur was the first major city to fall. Having been run by several thieves’ guilds this was not a challenge. The free cities of Elversult and Teziir were next to be conquered and expanded Cormyr’s trade and influence on the sea. Westgate remains independent having pledged (and proven in the past) to be a neutral trading port to both Sembia and Cormyr.

Further west of Proskur is the Kingdom of Elturgard, a small theocracy. The worship of Torm is the state religion and paladins that patrol the country are well respected. Elturgard keeps a close eye on Cormyr and is ok enough with their expansion as long as it remains focused mostly as defensive against Sembia.

Nobility and Government Cormyr is ruled by His Royal Highness King Foril Obarskyr keeps his residence in the Palace. Edwin Morahan, a male human paladin, is Lord Magister of the City, and commander of the city’s garrison of Purple Dragons. Edwin’s herald is Lady Eleanor Thond.

Crown Prince Irvel Obarskyr is well respected among both commoners and the nobil¬ity. With his wife Ospra Goldfeather he has two children: son Baerovus born in 1454 DR and daughter Raedra born in 1460 DR. Former crown prince Emvar (dead) fathered a bastard son, Erzoured, with a merchant’s daughter named Solatha. Solatha was named Count¬ess of Dhedluk.

At the top of the nobility hierarchy is the King. Beneath him in an honorary position is the Crown Prince. The Prince holds no lands of his own and no official power but being the future king the nobility is best to honor him. Next in line are the dukes. They control large areas that can include several baronies. Only Barons that prove their loyalty worth are promoted and granted the title of a duke. Beneath the dukes are the barons making up the majority of the upper tiers of nobility. They control several large cities and keeps in their domains. Both dukes and barons hold the title of von between their first and sir names. Next are the Counts ruling over a single city. At the bottom of the nobility structure are the Lords and Ladies. They rule over villages and answer to the Counts. The Counts’ and Lords’ title is van.

Duke Gastian von Dauntinghorn of Arabel (Largest city in the north) Duke Gastian von Dauntinghorn rules over the northern reaches and is in charge of its safety. Luckily for House Dauntinghorn, the Dales and the Elves of Myth Drannor lie to the north. Still there are plenty of battles against humanoids and other threats. With the expansions to the west and south, Duke von Dauntinghorn is starting to feel that his realm is being neglected by the King.

Duke Agrarius von Hawklin of Marsember (second largest city and main trading port) Directing trade at the mouth of the Starwater River, Marsember sits at the very deep channeled mouth of the river. House Hawklin has known peaceful rule for decades what with the majority of activity in the borderlands of the empire. Argarius is known for respectfully disagreeing with the King’s expansionist policies but always doing his duty and following orders.

Baron Kesin von Cormaeril of Espar and region (northwestern King’s Forest + High Horn Keep) High Horn Keep guards the northwest regions from any Netheril incursions. House Cormaeril was a former dukedom but stripped of power during Abraxus affair where several nobles rebelled. Some of House Cormaeril sided with rebels. The end result was a loss in power for the house from Barony to Dukedom. Since then the king has forgiven and reinstated the loyalists including Baron von Cormaeril.

Baron von Crownsilver of Dawngleam and region (southeast most city) House Crownsilver has grown rich from the trade from Dawngleam, one of the eastern most trade cities on the sea. A large garrison of Purple Dragons and knights are stationed here to protect against any attacks or raids from Sembia. House Crownsilver has had several Sembian dignitaries visit to try to work out local peace arrangements, much to the disappointment of the King.

Baron Menoceus von Emmarask of Proskar (newly acquired city of thieves) Former Count van Emmarask was the leader of the forces that captured the previously free city of Proskar. It was a rather quick campaign as the city’s government was a known puppet of the city’s various thieves guilds. Now House Emmarask’s main duty is to subdue the unruly town and establish a new southwestern border of the empire. The thieves guilds have put their differences aside for the time being to work against Cormyr.

Baron Calidos von Hackett of Elversult (newly acquired trade city to the south) Like House Emmarask, Hackett has been newly promoted to rank of Baron. While Proskar was a rather disorganized conquest, Elversult was more difficult. The nobles of Elversult and the surrounding villages put up a good fight but could not stand against the armies of Cormyr. Now Baron von Hackett must balance the needs and wants King’s court with those of the local nobles trying to hold on to some sort of power.

Count Heinrich van Alsevir of Thunderstone (large city on the Thunderstone river) An average noble house of unimportance. Trade flows through their domain from both the Thunderflow River and Thunderway road. House Alsevir has fallen upon difficulties recently with less trade revenue coming in and humanoid problems in the forest to fight.

Lady Katrina van Garian (Small noble north of Thunderstone) A new and ambitious noble. She recently married into and came into power of the van Garian household. She has frequent guests from other nobles and rich merchants throwing them lavish parties. Many wonder how much more the van Garian coffers can afford the expenses.


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